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Ralph Loosli
22.05.2019 23:56:16
Hallo Herr Baumann,
Sie haben die Module von «Aspekte des Unternehmensumfeldes» und «Strategische UN-Führung» während meines Lehrgangs "doziert".
Es war sehr spannend, verständlich, mit dem nötigen Witz und Charme, sowie verständlich und «erwachsengerecht» unterrichtet, ich denke mit Ihrer Präsenz und Erfahrung konnten Sie alle mit in den Bann ziehen.
Ja Herr Baumann, mit Ihnen hat das lernen Spass gemacht - Danke Ihnen!
Ich denke, dass Sie in diesem Bereich die Bénédict Schule sehr bereichern!
Viele liebe Grüsse,
"der hinten-­links-­sitzender" Ralph Loosli
Pantelis Apostolopoulos
08.02.2019 19:08:45
Hello mr Baumann.
I can say your class CLN 2500 it was so amazing and really helpfull for me cause one of my goals is to open my own restaurant. There were many
informations for my project. So i finish my project and i have already aploaded
to ecampus. I would like to apologize. It is is not one of my best project. I work also 100 percent in a restaurant in Zurich. Before two days i get a higher position so I had a lot of presure in my new position but I tried to do my best in project. Thank you and see you soon in next term in costing class.
Kind regards
Pantelis Apostolopoulos
Samkelo Serene Ndlela
24.06.2018 09:39:37
I come from a small part of the world South Africa anyone who studies will tell you its not an easy undertaking. Mr Bruno brings a certain kind of flair to learning.Always open always ready to answer and back up every question through credibility. i had no idea about motivation and hygiene in the sense i had always felt this longing even whilst studying before.Mr Bruno not only takes the time to answer us but makes great demands of us intellectually.He not only teaches us the syllabus but puts theories in perspective in reality in the most exciting and imaginative ways.Mr Bruno makes these demands not to scare us but to shock us into knowing we are capable. He challenges us(Ghengis khan like warefare) he requires the best version of ourselves and if we are lacking.Shows us how to change.He makes us feel like we have a chance and reminds us that just because we paid doesn't mean we don't have to participate.Sir, i cant wait one day ill see a book " f*** the cake ill have my Apero in alphabet city" . u have no idea how u impact students. Please Sir never change
Caroline Mbasha
21.04.2018 21:43:26
Hello Sir 😄

I hope you are doing well as we haven't seen us in a while. Today i had the time to go on Moodle and see what's new there. I saw that you had already graded our reports long ago and I must say I am surprised with the grade.

Thank you very much. I just finished reading all your comments for the corrections and I will take note on that when i write my next paper. I just wanted to Thank You and wish you a great night today.

It's Saturday 😏 Go crazy... only if you can 👌🏽😌

Good night Sir 💪🏽😁
Zainab Alhashimi
15.07.2016 09:53:56
Dear Mr. Baumann,

I would like to apologize for sending at this time, but I'm sending this email to thank you for this amazing course, with your lovely personality you made the class so interesting, It was an honor meeting you and I would like to have a class with you again, It's a pleasure.

Looking forward to see you again.

Thank you very much, hope you enjoy the term break and may God bless you.

Kindly regards,
Zainab Alhashimi
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